Wanja Slavin (b.1982), started with clarinet and piano at the age of six. His first teachers were his father and Hildegard Niemann, later Nicolas Simion (Saxophon and Composition), Lee Konitz (Saxophon), Rolf Weber (Clarinet) and Kazue Suzuki (Piano).

At the age of 15 Slavin started at the Richard- Strauss Konservatorium studying Clarinet and Saxophon by Leszek Zadlo. Beside he’s studies at the Conservatory he also took lessons in composition by Vadim Werbitzky.

2008 – 2010 Slavin began he’s further education in Film music at HFF in Potsdam Babelsberg by professor Ulrich Reuter.

As a musician Wanja Slavin gain several prices: at New Generation Förderpreis des Bayerischen Rundfunks he won the first price twice. At Gasteig Musikwettbewerb, Jugend Jazzt and BMW Welt Jazz Award 2011 he gained the second price.

2005 Wanja Slavin debuted as composer at festival der Münchner Gesellschaft für neue Musik. About the same time he premiered pieces by composer Benedikt W. Schiefer and Vadim Werbitzky that specially had directed their work to Slavin.

Wanja Slavin has been invited to festivals such as Münchner Klaviersommer and Moers Festival and worked with musician Joachim Kühn, Kenny Wheeler, Mederic Collignon, John Schröder, Rudi Mahall, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Tobias Delius, Marty Cook, Geoff Goodman,Paulo Cardoso, Wilfried Hiller, Christian Lilinger to name a few.

His current projects are: Lotus Eaters, Wanja Slavin Sextet and the trio Slavin / Eldh / Lillinger.



Lotus Eaters

Wanja Slavin Lotus Eaters is a dedication to the Lotophagen, a people from Greek mythology that lives averted from the world. The music is a journey into the interior and into a state away from the world. Contrary to their eponyms, however, the Lotus Eaters do not fall into lethargy but make use of a powerful urgency to turn dreary world weariness into fascinating music. From a formal point of view the music is traditional. However, the Lotus Eaters encounter the heritage of jazz history with self-confidence, adapt different moods, genres and images and develop them in a smart and virtuous way. The result is sometimes an elegiac tone painting, sometimes a wild and pugnacious sound, reminding that of a rock band. It is a very personal project that is not about struggling to find a new definition of contemporary jazz, but about struggling for emotional devotion. And this struggle is no less exciting. As Wanja Slavin puts it: “It is not about intellectuality but about a feeling, something rather spiritual.” The Lotus Eaters prove that in the 21st century a current path can be found to carry on the jazz tradition and at the same time add something relevant. It was also with this concept that they convinced the jury of the international BMW Jazz Award in 2011 and won the 2nd price.

Tobias Backhaus (dr)
Rainer Böhm (p)
Andreas Lang (b)
Wanja Slavin (as, cl)



This trio believes in the idea that the world can become increasingly better in terms of science, technology, modernization, liberty, democracy and quality of music. All you really need to do is to celebrate progressivity in all aspects of life. The three individuals of this group bring together compositions and strong ideas that they link into a seamless whole. The band started because the three members really wanted to play together and they simply got together out of that impulse and immediately created a platform where nothing was taboo. "We want to mess with people's heads and give the jazz mainstream an alternative". With the big vocabulary of this trio anything is possible. Lillinger is playing rhythms of endlessly evolving complexity and depth. Slavin is moving freely through different dimensions. Eldh is an iceberg with an amazing ability to connect harmony and rhythm. This band will get rawer and looser from every time you hear them.

Wanja Slavin (sax)
Petter Eldh (b)
Christian Lillinger (dr)

Wanja Slavin & Anna Maria Sturm

Der österreichische Schriftsteller Thomas Bernhard (1931-1989) zählt zu den bedeutendsten Autoren der zweiten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts.
Vor allem bekannt durch seine Romane, Prosa- und Theaterstücke hat man den Lyriker Thomas Bernhard fast vergessen.
Der 1958 erschienene Gedichtzyklus “In hora mortis” (“In der Stunde des Todes) zählt zum Frühwerk des Dichters und war der zweite Gedichtband den er veröffentlicht hat. Der Titel ist dem “Ave Maria” entlehnt und beschwört die Todesstunde eines Sterbenden herauf. In Form direkt an Gott gerichteter Gebete beschreibt der Dichter die Qualen und inneren Empfindungen im Angesicht des Todes.
Den Abend gestalten zwei junge Künstler: Anna Maria Sturm rezitiert die Gedichte und Wanja Slavin trägt dazu Eigenkompositionen auf der Klarinette vor.




upcoming concerts
27.03.2015 BLUME Berlin (DE) Aufsturz
29.03.2015 BLUME Dresden (DE) Saxstall
22.04.2015 Anna Maria Sturm Quintett Straubing (DE) The Raven
23.04.2015 Anna Maria Sturm Quintett Thurnau (DE) Kultur am Putzenstein
24.04.2015 Anna Maria Sturm Quintett Schwandorf (DE) Felsenkeller
08.05.2015 BLUME Berlin (DE) X-JAZZ
16.05.2015 BLUME Berlin (DE) Fincan
18.05.2015 BLUME Magdeburg (DE) Jazz in der Kammer
18.05.2015 BLUME Magdeburg (DE) T.B.A.
11.06.2015 Anna Maria Sturm Quintett Greifswald (DE) Medienwerkstatt
04.07.2015 Lotus Eaters Greifswald (DE) Eldenaer Jazz Evenings
18.07.2015 BLUME Berlin (DE) Kosmotage
30.07.2015 BLUME Berlin (DE) Jazz im MIM
04.08.2015 Anna Maria Sturm Quintett Amberg (DE) Sommerfestival
10.11.2015 Anna Maria Sturm Quintett Berlin (DE) B-Flat
11.11.2015 Anna Maria Sturm Quintett Leverkusen (DE) Topos
12.11.2015 Anna Maria Sturm Quintett Regensburg (DE) Jazzclub im Leeren Beutel
13.11.2015 Anna Maria Sturm Quintett Sulzbach-Rosenberg (DE) Historische Druckerei Seidl


past concerts
24.03.2015 BLUME Mannheim (DE) Klappsmühl
23.03.2015 BLUME Freiburg (DE) Jazzkongress Freiburg
22.03.2015 BLUME Stadl-Vilgertshofen (DE) Kulturstadl Café
21.03.2015 BLUME Nürnberg (DE) Jazzstudio Nürnberg
20.03.2015 BLUME Augsburg (DE) Grabd Hotel Cosmopolis
19.03.2015 BLUME Erding (DE) Schiassn
18.03.2015 BLUME Moosburg (DE) Jazz Club Hirsch
17.03.2015 BLUME Wasserburg am Inn (DE) Cafe Schranne
15.03.2015 Akvariet Trio feat.Wanja Slavin Berlin (DE) B-Flat
06.03.2015 Stefan Schultze Large Ensemble Berlin (DE) Aufsturz
26.02.2015 Kollektiv Knights Bern (CH) T.B.A
25.02.2015 Robles Lauer y El Astrocombo Medio-Suizo Bern (CH) PROGR
13.02.2015 Slavin-Eldh-Lillinger Dachau (DE) Jazz e.V. Dachau
07.02.2015 Mathias Ruppnig 5tet Wien (AT) Porgy & Bess
05.02.2015 Attila Muehl Sextett Berlin (DE) Noymann Miller
31.01.2015 Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Large Ensemble Berlin (DE) B-Flat
30.01.2015 Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Large Ensemble Berlin (DE) B-Flat
29.01.2015 Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Large Ensemble Aalborg (DK) Utzon Center
28.01.2015 Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Large Ensemble Arden (DK) Kulturhuset i Arden
27.01.2015 Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Large Ensemble Rønshoved Højskole (DK) Rønshoved Højskole
25.01.2015 Anna Maria Sturm Quintett München (DE) Bayerischer Rundfunk
21.01.2015 Lotus Eaters@Kollektiv Nights 11 Berlin (DE) Tiyatrom
15.01.2015 BLUME Greifswald (DE) Koeppenhaus
09.01.2015 Laura Robles y El Astrocombo Berlin (DE) Kühlspot
18.12.2014 Slavin-Eldh-Lillinger Saarbrücken (DE) T.B.A.
16.12.2014 Slavin-Eldh-Lillinger Hamburg (DE) Golem
16.12.2014 Gabriel Coburger Hamburg (DE) Golem
29.11.2014 Bernhard Meyer Berlin (DE) Donau 115
28.11.2014 Marty Cook Group München (DE) Unterfahrt
23.11.2014 Dan Nicholls London (GB) London Jazz Festival
16.11.2014 BLUME Berlin (DE) Cafe Niesen
15.11.2014 Slavin-Eldh-Lillinger London (GB) London Jazz Festival
08.11.2014 BLUME Berlin (DE) Donau 115
02.11.2014 Marc Lohr&Wanja Slavin Berlin (DE) Miss Hecker
10.10.2014 Slavin-Eldh-Lillinger Köln (DE) Stadtgarten
09.10.2014 Slavin-Eldh-Lillinger Krefeld (DE) T.B.A
25.09.2014 Slavin-Eldh-Lillinger Greifswald (DE) Koeppenhaus
14.09.2014 Lotus Eaters Berlin (DE) A- Trane
02.09.2014 Bernhard Meyer Berlin (DE) B-Flat
30.08.2014 Laura Robles T.B.A (DE) T.B.A
28.08.2014 Kuba Gudz Trio Berlin (DE) T.B.A
27.08.2014 Kollektiv Knights Berlin (DE) Tyatrom Berlin
02.08.2014 Kristian Kowatsch Berlin (DE) B-Flat
06.07.2014 Christophe Schweizer Kopenhagen (DK) Jazzfestival Kopenhagen
07.06.2014 Harlem Mustache Big Band Berlin (DE) Deutsches Theater
06.06.2014 Bernhard Meyer Berlin (DE) Donau 115
22.05.2014 ECHO JAZZ Preisverleihung Hamburg (DE) Kampnagel
09.05.2014 Igor Osypov Berlin (DE) X-JAZZ
06.05.2014 BLUME Berlin (DE) Cafe Tasso
07.04.2014 Laura Robles Berlin (DE)
07.04.2014 Laura Robles Berlin (DE)
24.03.2014 Dejan Terzic "Melanoia" Baden (CH) Isebaehnli
23.03.2014 BLUME Berlin (DE) B-Flat
19.03.2014 Slavin-Eldh-Lillinger Genf (CH) AMR Festival Geneva
10.03.2014 Rainer Böhm Köln (DE) Metronom
07.03.2014 Mathias Ruppnig Berlin (DE) Donau 115
28.02.2014 Slavin-Eldh-Lillinger Frankfurt am Main (DE) Club Voltaire
27.02.2014 Schmolling-Slavin Berlin (DE) Naherholungsternchen
06.02.2014 Wanja Slavin & Anna Maria Sturm Schwandorf (DE) Künstlerhaus
25.01.2014 Wanja Slavin & Anna Maria Sturm München (DE) Pasinger Fabrik
09.11.2013 Slavin-Eldh-Lillinger Strasbourg (FR) Festival Jazzdor
11.10.2013 Wanja Slavin & Anna Maria Sturm Lobenfeld Lobbach (DE) Enjoy Jazz
27.09.2013 Wanja Slavin & Anna Maria Sturm Dachau (DE) Stadtbücherei
25.09.2013 Wanja Slavin & Anna Maria Sturm Greifswald (DE) Koeppenhaus
31.07.2013 Wanja Slavin Lotus Eaters Darmstadt (DE) Stadtkirche





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